AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY has assembled the best minds in our industry to manage our technology division. With our expertise, AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY can handle every aspect of security, from CCTV to card access, counter surveillance to miniature/covert security systems, alarm response and installation to crisis management and response – AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY defines itself as a worldwide leader in security technology.

AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY also offers virtual training platforms for a number of different industries and venues, including stadiums, university campuses, corporate headquarters, religious institutions, schools, commercial/residential buildings and local police departments.

AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY can design and implement a training program for your entire staff, which includes evacuation procedures, crisis management and threat response. With our “State of the Art” platform, your facility can be scaled with exacting detail, to create the most effective and realistic scenarios.

With our security systems and infrastructure, AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY is ready to meet the technological challenges of the twenty-first century. With safety and security more prominent than ever, AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY is proud to partner with our clients to provide each aspect of their security needs, custom tailored and evolving to counteract emerging threats.

If you require more information about our Security Technology services, contact us so we can analyze and customize your needs.