AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY is a worldwide leader in the Security Industry. From Corporate buildings and commercial space to Retail Chains, Manufacturing and Heavy Industry to Residential communities and Healthcare facilities, AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY is the answer to your security needs.  At AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY we are proud of our quality service, special attention and competitive pricing. Come grow with us!

Whats sets us apart from others?

At AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY our corporate ethos is founded on the principle of exceptional service. With our streamlined, global infrastructure, we have mastered the art of delivering security guard services on a large scale, while maintaining close, responsive, client relationships on the local level. Today, with thousands of choices in the world marketplace, it’s crucial to choose a firm with the size and scope to handle your needs, and a dedicated management team that puts the world at your doorstep. You’ll find that AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY has a reputation that sets the standards for others to follow.

Meet our Team

Our officers are composed of staff members who can and will get the job done.
We provide:

  • Officers with 20+ years of security service.
  • Law enforcement professionals.
  • Retired military personnel.

The diversity of our staff is what gives us the advantage over other companies and helps AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY provide our clients with a unique group of skill sets to meet their security needs. We are proud to have on staff former law enforcement officers, ex-military and reserve personnel and former United States Secret Service members.

Fee Structure

At AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY, we pride ourselves on quality service at competitive, market sensitive, prices. We strive to build a personalized security plan specific to your company and your security needs. We will develop a security plan and make recommendations based on threat assessment, demographic trends, past and present security issues, technological requirements and the specific nature of your operation.


Because of the fluidity of the international marketplace, and the changing demands placed on our clients, AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY custom tailors our operations to meet your security needs. From a single location, to a multi-national commitment, AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY stands ready to meet your security needs.